Link – Why I Talked to My Preschooler About Sexual Abuse

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“My middle son told me something the other night that made my stomach twist into a painful knot. He told me that his preschool teacher wasn’t very nice to him, but he hadn’t told me about it before because he knew that I liked her.

This may seem like a little thing. But, it isn’t to me. Until that moment I had been sure that my kids trusted me enough to tell me about the things that are important to them, the things that they are worried about. The fact that he’d gone a whole year holding back his feelings really frightened me.”

Man, that would frighten me too. Kids should never feel like telling their parents the truth would be too upsetting. work best by grooming not just the child, but the whole family, including making it seem like telling would be harmful to the entire family.

Kids want to make their parents happy, make sure they know that telling the truth makes you happy, no matter what the truth is!

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