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Do You Struggle to Accept Compliments?

I do. Just a couple of weeks ago I was on the phone with a former coworker who paid me a compliment for the work I do with this site, and it took everything I had to just say thank you instead of trying to diminish it in some way.

I’m also not above admitting that I said thank you mostly in the hopes that she would stop talking about it and go back to what we had been talking about before she brought it up.

Yeah, compliments make me that uncomfortable. I know I’m not alone in that. That is why when I saw this post I had to check it out:

Accepting compliments is hard

Sara explains some of the reasons why it’s hard, including how much easier it is to internalize negative feedback than a compliment and the ways in which we deflect them, much as I tried to do. She also has a few thoughts on what we should take into consideration as we try to get better at accepting compliments.

My favorite thing to consider from her list – Do you compliment yourself? Why or why not?

As a survivor advocate I have written dozens of times and told people individually at least as many times that the abuse was not our fault, it does not reflect on us negatively. There is nothing in our character that somehow deserved or attracted the abuse.

I know that. I feel that. So why do I continue to be unable to compliment myself or accept compliments from others? Why do you?

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