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Link – My Recovery from Mental Illness Started on the Internet

It seems like the internet gets a pretty bad rap, but sometimes it helps to remember how much good can come from access to the proper information –

My recovery from mental illness started on the Internet. I knew I had an eating disorder before I was diagnosed. But before I took that giant leap and asked for help, my curiosity led me to the Internet. I first visited a forum and read others’ inspirational stories of recovery from mental illness. Then finally, when I was ready, I researched my own eating disorder treatment options which put me on the path to my recovery from mental illness.

Way back in 2001, when I started the original blog on this site, I envisioned how many people might be searching the internet for information about child abuse, other survivors, other people who had dealt with depression, etc. and I wanted to make sure there would be something they could find that would help them feel less alone. 17 years later, it’s still here for the same reason. I’m glad the other resources mentioned in the article are as well.

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