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Link – How to Beat the Odds After a Rough Childhood

We’ve seen a lot about ACE scores, and how these childhood traumas can lead to great difficulty throughout our lives. Edward shares his story, not just of his high ACE score, but that he also overcame it.

“Of course, odds are just odds, and ACES did not assess the positive people and events that can save kids. If you get lucky, you can beat the house, and the long shot can come in. “

I feel like I’ve been saying this a lot, but it is so important to remember that statistics are just numbers, odds if you will. You are not an odd or a statistic. You are a human being with incredible potential. Yes, childhood trauma makes it tougher on us, and according to statistics, fewer of us will have “successful” adult lives, but it’s not fate. Plenty of us do overcome, and you can too.

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