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Link – How weird sleep schedules can affect our mental health

I’ve seen this, and it’s a real struggle. Over the last few years, I can trace every instance of the flu to an overseas trip. I can also track my mood similarly. I know when I’ve been traveling too much when everyone at the airport makes me angry. I know enough to take the cue and figure out ways to make sure that doesn’t deepen into depression, but there’s no question that skipping around to different time zones absolutely takes something away from my mental state.

I would go so far as to say that depression might just be an occupational hazard for me.

As the article states though, simply having a regular sleep schedule won’t be a cure-all, but it is part of overall health. Sleeping regularly, getting exercise, eating somewhat healthy. Those are all small ways that we can take care of ourselves, and that’s a part of overcoming any mental health issues. Other things may be needed, but not doing these basics will only hurt those efforts.

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