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Sharing – My Husband Took His Life After Hiding Years of Sexual Abuse

Lenore’s story is sad and tragic, but her message is important. We lose so many survivors, men, and women, who just never find a way to share their pain and look for help. People who live without hope because they feel shame about something that was never their fault. I encourage you to read what she has to say about her hope in sharing her husband’s story. I also encourage you to consider how many survivors we lose in the same way who we don’t even know were abused as children because they never felt safe enough to tell anyone. I guarantee there are many more people like that than we would like to think about.

“My Hope

My husband is now gone, and as I’ve learned from our experience, the ripple effects of child sexual abuse are vast and wide. In many ways, my husband’s pain has been transferred to me, as I now navigate life as a widow and survivor of suicide loss. It’s my hope that by sharing our story, others who are scared to speak out about abuse — or are afraid to rock the boat when something with their loved one doesn’t feel right — are encouraged to talk.

Healing starts when we say something. May our story be an invitation to do so.

A starting place to find free, confidential help:

If you or a man you care about has been sexually abused, contact for live chat and anonymous online support groups.

If you or someone you care about having thoughts of suicide, contact the National Suicide Prevention Line at 1-800-273-8255 or live chat at

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