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Sharing – Why talking to your kids about their time online is more important now because of COVID-19

I think this quote from the article really sums up my own feelings as a “techie” when it comes to kids online. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to be involved and familiar with the spaces your kids visit so you can make informed choices and have informed conversations.

“If your teen could leave the house right now, you might not let them go out in a city that you’re not familiar with or that you only know a tiny little corner of, and spend nine hours a day, days on end, hanging out in spaces that you never go.”

It’s never been just about the amount of time kids spend online, it’s always been about where they spend that time, who they communicate with and what they are doing. If they pick up a laptop or a tablet and spend hours on it, like many of us are doing during quarantine, and you have no idea what they do with it, or they talk about apps and websites you’ve never heard of, don’t assume they are fine, or assume that everything is a huge risk. Both of those positions are uniformed.

Don’t be uninformed when it comes to your kids use of the internet. Too many people who wish to harm them count on you staying uninformed.

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