Depression and Air Pollution?

I suspect this might be a correlation instead of causation, but did you know that people exposed to air pollution throughout their lifetimes are more likely to be depressed later in life?

That’s what this article tells us, based on some recent studies.

Does this mean that somehow air pollution is sneaking into our brains and causing depression? We don’t know that. That’s not what the studies looked for. What they are finding is that people who live in areas with higher air pollution seem to be diagnosed more often in their later years with depression than people who don’t.

There are other considerations, though, like the fact that areas with higher air pollution are less expensive and tend to have a lot of poor and lower-income residents, who are more likely to have poorer health outcomes in general because of a lack of money and the stress of living in near-poverty.

So the risk of depression from any one specific thing or ALL of those things is higher. The one thing we know for sure is that there are many external factors when it comes to mental health issues that we don’t fully understand. It is not just an illness inside of our brains. (Though it can be that sometimes too!)

You can’t “positive thought” your way out of living in a polluted environment and poverty.

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