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Reviews Elsewhere – The Book of Burnout – Bev Aisbett

I stumbled across this review from Verushka on Twitter yesterday. (Hey, it’s still good for something, sometimes!) Her description got my attention, and I thought it might also interest some of you:

What is this about?

Burn out; the different types — from carers to COVID and more. And some straightforward advice you probably already know, but might need a reminder of. I know I did.

What else is this about?

Mental health in today’s COVID, online, WFH world.

.I mean, I see this in my work all the time. I even write specifically about it on my professional site. Obviously, it is a book I’ll add to my reading list after reading this review. Will you be adding it to yours, or have you read it already? Let us know what you thought of it!

The Book of Burnout: sometimes the universe hits you right upside the head and tells you to pay attention

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