Link – Sibling Abuse Is Real, And It’s Often Overlooked In Families

What I learned from my story was that an abuser is an abuser. There aren’t any hidden terms and conditions on whether or not they are related to you, or laws stating you have to love them due to your shared biology, regardless of their cruelty. The truth is it doesn’t matter who they are, all that matters is how they treat you.

One day, in a place far away, you won’t have to live in fear of what they are going to do to you. You won’t be known for what happened to you, but rather for how you picked yourself up despite it.

This is an extra struggle, because for many of us who were abused within the family structure, not only are we trying to find our voice and tell our story, but we are seen as turning on our own family. The truth is, however, that the abuser is the one who turned on their own family, all the survivor is doing is telling the truth, and family members who don’t see that, don’t deserve to play a role in our healing.

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