Link – Small victories count and should be acknowledged

So many take for granted that they are able to get up each day, go to work, attend a dinner party, bowling league, or anything else that might be considered “no big deal”. For survivors, those things can be terrifying and just the thought of them is enough to make us want to stay home in our safe zone.

As a survivor, just getting out of bed is a victory for so many of us. It’s so much easier to just pull the covers over our head in the morning, turn off the alarm, cuddle up with our cat or dog, and call off sick. When you wake up and your mind immediately goes into full gear, thinking of what all has to be done or worse yet, never shut off from the night before, it can be exhausting and overwhelming.

So when we do something positive, no matter how minor it may seem to someone else, why not celebrate it?!”

This is also how you build confidence, by focusing on the small successes, and building on them, instead of focusing on the failures and building on those.

What successes did you have today? What can you have tomorrow?

Baby steps….

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