Link – Toward an Understanding of ‘Reservoir’ Implications in the Treatment of Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is a major mental health challenge impacting millions, yet the disorder has proven to be a significant challenge for the mental health community. The primary reason is that social anxiety is driven by the underlying emotions of shame, embarrassment, and humiliation. Most sufferers do not seek help because of these emotions, making social anxiety the quintessential “disease of resistance.” Those who do seek treatment often fail to thrive because many existing treatment modalities neglect to take into account the deep underlying causes of social anxiety.

Recently on Twitter I was asked whether I had written anything about social anxiety, and I had to admit that while I was aware of it, I hadn’t really written anything about it, and couldn’t really even remember linking to anything specific to social anxiety. I know it’s a mental health issue that impacts many, many people, but I must admit that I hadn’t really been moved by anything that I had seen to make a post out of it.

Sure enough, today I saw this article that explains a bit about the disorder, and some treatment recommendations. So, to familiarize myself, and my readers, with social anxiety, I’m linking to it!

Do you suffer from social anxiety? What kinds of things have helped you?

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