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Link – Stress from Positive Change Requires PTSD Self-Care Too

This is something to always keep in mind, I think it’s why we sometimes look at people who are dealing with trauma from their past and can’t figure out why they seem so reluctant to make even positive changes –

Change of any kind can create stress. As demonstrated by this Online Stress Test, many situations typically viewed as positive changes directly increase the amount of stress a person is experiencing overall. A new job, a new car, or moving to a safer neighborhood are all significant changes for most people, and while generally considered beneficial, they bring challenges, unknowns, and adjustments that can create stressful feelings.

That being said, overcoming that stress is something that we all get better at. I know, for me, I have more confidence about overcoming difficult stress because I’ve made the positive changes and dealt with that stress, even if that has been difficult at times. It also gives me more confidence to make changes when something needs to be changed.

Still, it is always good to be aware of where stress is coming from, and why. Don’t let it catch you by surprise.

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