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Reviews Elsewhere – When Depression Hurts Your Relationship

This is a couple of months old, but I stumbled across Jessica’s review of this book recently and wanted to share it, because it is pretty common for people to reach out to me looking for advice on helping a loved one with depression or the effects of childhood abuse, and who knows, maybe this book could be pretty useful!

According to the book, “This book is for the person who is depressed or is having symptoms of depression.  Almost all of the exercises may be done with your partner, especially those targeting communication skills.  If your partner is unable–or unwilling–to participate in the exercises, that’s okay.  Positive transformation in relationships often comes from one partner making changes first.”  That being said, I liked this book so much that I recently recommended it to a friend who is having a hard time understanding his depressed spouse.

Go check out what she says about it, and why she recommends picking it up! If you’ve read it, or a similar book, let us know what you thought!

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