Link – Let’s Talk About Depression

I’ve said it before. If you don’t think you know anyone whose life is being impacted by depression, you’re just not paying attention.

Depression is a common illness, affecting more than 350 million people of all ages around the world. It’s currently the number one cause of disability, and is predicted to be the number one global burden of disease by 2030. It can cause individuals to struggle greatly, impacting their functioning at work, school and in relationships. At its worst, depression can lead to suicide, which takes the lives of 800,000 people worldwide each year.

Despite these grim statistics, there is hope and depression can be prevented and treated. But in order to get people on the path to treatment, we first need to get people talking about depression.

There is hope, but people are not going to get the help they need, and we’re not going to see any change in the numbers unless we can get it out in the open.


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