Sharing – Why Everyone Is Listening to “Mental Health Playlists” This Year

Hmm, do you have a mental health playlist? After reading the article below I’m going to have to go see what Spotify thinks makes for a Wellness playlist for me looks like. It may not look exactly like the one in the article below, or what many other folks would put on their’s because well, it might be a little loud for what we might consider “wellness”. But it would also contain quite a few bands that voice the angst, anxiety, and anger that I’m feeling at any given moments.

Bands like the Clash, Social Distortion, Rage Against the Machine, Midnight Oil, etc. would be on my playlist. The ones that write songs about being angry at injustice, and calling it out.

Maybe it’s just the primal need to rage for 3-5 minutes by listening to a song really loud that helps me, or maybe it’s knowing that other people get really angry too. Whatever it is, it does actually work.

Now, loud rage music doesn’t always fit the bill for what I need, but when I feel the worst? That’s where I’m headed.

What’s on your mental health playlist? Share a link and let us know.


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