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Sharing – 6 Things People Actually Need To Improve Their Mental Health Right Now

Alexandra has this right, and I think correctly identifies 6 things that we, as a society, need to do.

“Your favorite Instagram influencer can post about self-care all day, showing glamorous pictures of bubble baths and retreats. Leaders across the country can offer lip service on the need to address mental health. A company can send an email to its employees honoring Mental Health Awareness Month.

But true mental health changes look much different from that.”

It’s all well and good to suggest someone take a mental health day, or maybe a spa day to relax and recharge. No one has a solution for doing that when you don’t get paid sick leave, or struggle to find childcare. It’s easy to suggest time in nature to people who live in a high-rise Section 8 building barely scraping by, or suggest that kids should get help when budgets for in-school mental health programs are being cut.

Suggesting it isn’t going to make it possible. We have a massive problem with access to any kind of mental health care. If we don’t figure that out, the rest of this doesn’t make any sense.

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