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Are You Doom-Scrolling the News and Want Something Else?

This collection of articles on Pocket might be a place to look for something else to do.

Let’s face it, we’ve spent months dealing with bad news, uncertainty, and well, just kind of life being a mess in so many ways. Far too many people are feeling stuck in anxiety and depression, with no escape. We ALL need something to break up the monotony of news and social media right now. I can’t say all of the suggestions over there will work for everyone, but I know a few of them have helped me. They’ve provided me opportunities to pay attention to something else. Things like watching comedies and laughing, taking a walk in nature, finding small ways to help other people, etc. have been key to me not getting lost in anxiety and fear. And even with that, it’s still a struggle. Maybe I should make even more of an effort to to de-stress, it surely can’t hurt any.

What activities are you using to keep yourself de-stressed right now? What’s working? What isn’t?

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