Sharing – If You Want to Find Healing, Sometimes You Have to Stop Looking For It

I really like the way Melissa ends the post below:


“We are so often focused on the destination that we fail to see how much we are actually accomplishing. We don’t give ourselves credit for the wins, no matter how small they may seem and we certainly don’t give ourselves grace on the days we feel like we’re losing.”

She is writing about depression, but I see this among abuse survivors so often that I want to scream. It’s the constant refrain of “being damaged”, or “still broken”, etc. that we hear from survivors. The never-ending wait to be healed, to be “over it” already. That’s a very frustrating way to live, and in the end, what is healed anyway? What does it mean to be “over” something that is an integral part of your past?

What if, instead of waiting for that day, if it ever happens, we actually appreciated where we are now and what we have already done, and allowed ourselves to also have some bad days too?

Wouldn’t that make for a more pleasant experience?

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