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Link – Child Sexual Abuse: When Trust Gets Shattered

Lots of good information in this article:

Recognize the signs and know what to do for kids who have endured this trauma.

It’s vital that all adults, but especially parents, know what to look for. Children being abused are going to be reluctant to talk about it, and they will do what they can to hide it. If you’re not paying attention, you could easily miss what is happening. So pay attention:

  • When a child avoids certain situations with certain people. Pay close attention to what’s happening if your child is withdrawn, anxious, afraid or nervous around a particular person. If your child begs and pleads with you to not spend time with a particular family member, look into what’s causing that strong reaction.

  • Fear of leaving comfortable settings, like home. If your child starts to become anxious about leaving her comfort zone, that’s a strong indication that something troublesome is happening.

  • Drastic changes in a child’s behavior. Pay attention to things like depressed mood, poor hygiene, changes in eating habits or withdrawal from friends and family. Behavioral signs are among the first signs that something isn’t right, and they may point to sexual abuse. Don’t ignore obvious or sudden changes or chalk them up to kids being kids. Look for the cause.

  • Withholding information and being more secretive. If you notice that your child has gotten quieter and appears more emotionally withdrawn, dig deeper to determine what’s going on.

  • Body image insecurity. Being modest is one thing, but being mortified and embarrassed is another. If you notice that your child is having a lot of body image concerns and is overly embarrassed about her body and showing signs of insecurity, talk with your child. Perpetrators are often harsh and critical of their victims, and as a result, youth often feel as though they aren’t attractive or good enough.

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