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Link – Abused kids use text-based services to seek help, study shows

The crisis lines were created as a place to talk about anxiety and depression, but they found a lot of kids reaching out because they were being abused. They expected it to be the other way around, depressed kids who might turn out to be abused later in the conversation, not the first thing, but maybe this is something new:

Abused children often look for discreet ways to seek help, hoping not to make matters worse by aggravating their perpetrator. Recently, text-based crisis communication services have started to provide an outlet for those kids.

Maybe texting is changing the social dynamic for kids reaching out? What do you think, if you could have texted when you were a kid being abused, would you have? I have a hard time imaging I would have, but texting wasn’t a thing during that time, the ease of communication through text has changed us, it may have made a difference. Either way, I hope these texts lead to help and support for these kids.


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