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Link – Maryland Del. C.T. Wilson hates describing the sexual abuse he endured as a child. But he has to do it.

“It’s embarrassing and painful every time he does it. It never gets easier.”

First off, kudos to Mr. Wilson for having the courage to do this.

Secondly, this is something I’m not sure many survivors understand. Getting up and telling your story can be a powerful thing. It’s necessary because there are still so many survivors out there who think they are alone and don’t know any other survivors.

But, also understand how much it will take out of you, and how much hearing other people’s stories will take out of you. Even with blogging, and social media, where you don’t have to stand up in front of a crowd, it still takes something out of you when you share details of your story, or read other survivor’s stories. I know it’s something that I can only do with part of my days, I can’t share everything, read everything, support everyone. If I tried I’d probably end up burning myself out and letting this whole thing go dormant. That’s not what I want to do.

It’s OK to take time for yourself, away from the world of child abuse. We all need that if we want to continue to do what we do.


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