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Sharing – Mental health first aid kit: 10 essential items that will help when life gets tough

I think having something like this is a great idea. Why not plan ahead?

“We need to change the way we view mental health as a society and within our own communities. We should all be taking good care of our mental health in the same way that we should our physical health and working on either one will likely also help the other.’

To help, Dr Zoe has shared 10 items she recommends keeping to hand in a mental health first aid kit, and turning to these when you become aware of your mood taking a turn for the worse…”

I may not necessarily agree with everything on Dr. Zoe’s list, but I am on-board with the idea of knowing ahead of time what kinds of activities, people, etc. will help take care of your mental health when you need it. You and I may not have a current mental health diagnosis right now, but we all are having low days, struggle days. Doing something about those, might just help us avoid spiraling into a situation where we do end up with something more serious.

What would be in your mental health first-aid kit?

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