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Link – Psychotherapy Myths: Therapy Can’t Treat Serious Mental Illness

I do agree with this take away:

“The takeaway from this small sample of research is to bust the myth that psychotherapy only treats “mild” mental illness. Or that it can’t be used until a person is “stabilized” on medications. The research data just don’t provide evidence to support these beliefs.

None of this is to say that psychotherapy works for all people, all the time, with every therapist. In fact, psychotherapy remains a frustrating treatment option for many, such as those who’ve tried a half-dozen different therapists over the years to little symptom relief. We don’t yet have a great algorithm for predicting success in therapy, nor why some people seem to benefit from it more than others.

In time, however, I believe such algorithms will become available to help people find the therapist that can most effectively be able to work with them on their condition. Until that time, please understand that while not a perfect process, psychotherapy works. Because the data don’t lie.”

We don’t have any treatment for mental health issues that works for everyone, every time. Therapy is one tool that does seem to work for a lot of people, regardless of what their issue is, but not everyone. Medications work for a lot of people, but not everyone. What worked for me, may or may not work for you. As much as all of us who’ve ever dealt with metal health problems are in this together, the proper treatment for any one individual is exactly that, proper for them.

We’d do well to remember that, and be supportive of what works.

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