Link – Slipknot’s Corey Taylor has a duty to speak about child sex abuse

“‘A lot of people don’t want to talk about it or look down at it or tend to make fun of other people for having it or engaging in it. I’m trying to break that down by showing people that, yes, I go to therapy as well and I’m still trying to work out my demons and the things I went through in my life. Will I ever get it all figured out? Probably not. But that’s why it’s a process,’ he revealed.

‘So if me bearing my shit and laying it all out helps people start to work on theirs as well, then where’s the negative part of that?””


I caught this on TV over the weekend and found it to be a very realistic look at what it’s like as a man, especially one in such a macho subculture, to deal with childhood abuse. I’m glad I found this article and video available online so I could share it with you.

Photo by alacoolb

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