Link – You Have Permission to Cut Off Your Abuser

“Cutting someone out of your life can sound extreme or over-reactive. Maybe other people don’t have all the facts, and they don’t want to tell you to do something rash.

The truth is you’re the only expert on your personal experience. You don’t need anyone to validate your feelings. If your gut is telling you that you need to end a potentially toxic relationship, whether with family or not, you should probably listen.”

Personally, I’ve always been an advocate of doing whatever works for you, without worrying too much about whether it works for everyone. For some child abuse survivors, having no contact with family is what they need to do, for others it may not be, while still others will find a way to have contact with some of their family but maybe not all. None of those is right or wrong, as long as they allow a survivor to have what they need to heal, then that is what they should do.

You Have Permission to Cut Off Your Abuser

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