Link – Men And Women Should Be Treated For Depression Differently, Study Suggests

I mean, we already know depression symptoms vary widely by individual, and that there are general differences in how those symptoms are displayed by men and women, now we have actual gene studies of brains to show that there is a difference:

“It’s worth remembering that major depressive disorder affects women approximately twice as often as men and that women are three times as likely to have atypical depression. While this could be linked to a whole bunch of social, cultural, or environmental factors, this study also suggests there could be a molecular factor affecting the way depression manifests itself. Of course, the subjects were dead, so it was not possible for the researchers to see how these changes in gene expression affected them personally. Nevertheless, it certainly hints at the idea that sex-specific treatments could be a new avenue for researchers to explore.”

Yes, it’s true. There is no one “right” way to treat depression. This is all just further proof of that.

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