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Link – Be careful who you label toxic – they may be a friend in need

I feel the same way. As much as I want people to take care of themselves, and get rid of things that are actively hurting them, like people, it’s not that simple.

“So what’s the problem? Why shouldn’t we plough headfirst into 2019 promising to cut out our toxic friends just as we might with too much alcohol, late night kebabs and other things bad for our health?

Sometimes labelling a person toxic can do more harm than good. Just like many other labels it can be dehumanising and all-encompassing – especially if your toxicity is really a cry for help.”

What’s the difference between your friends who are a drag to be around, and the ones dealing with depression who need someone, anyone, to hang in there with them?

Simply saying “I’m getting rid of toxic and negative people” doesn’t really address that question, does it?

How would you differentiate between the two?

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