Link – An Australia-wide campaign to shine a light on mental illness

This sounds like a great event for you Aussies.

Advocacy group Australians For Mental Health is calling on communities to join its campaign to fix the country’s flailing mental health system.

“This June gather your friends, neighbours and coworkers and host an event to shine a light for those affected by suicide and mental illness,” the campaign states.

“Winter solstice marks the darkest night of the year before the slow climb back to summer. The 4 million Australians affected by mental illness and their families have known a different kind of darkness, often facing a mental health system that is under funded, under resourced and failing us.”

Whether it’s through a curry night, potluck dinner, or tea and scones, AFMH is asking caring citizens to connect with their community and support the move to transform the mental health system – and save lives.

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