Link – National Alliance on Mental Illness – April’s Story

“After losing a friend to suicide, parents getting divorced, watching addiction take over my sister’s life, tearing my ACL and taking on all the other random obstacles life brought, living in silence became too loud for my mind. Believing and living the lies that society has placed on mental illnesses—keeping silent in struggle—ended up leaving me in an even darker state. So, just like many others, I searched the web for some sort of answer, sign, connection or anything, with the goal to find hope or safety about life. And I did. I read blogs posted by organizations, just like this one. This is where and how my healing began. I started believing that I was worthy of my story. Not only to live it, but to share it. To reach out in moments of darkness, loneliness and struggle.

Why? Because I’m not alone. And guess what? Neither are you.”

Love, love, love, love, love this! This is why it’s important that there are stories out there, so that when someone goes to search for information about dealing with child abuse, depression, or other conditions, they find people who understand where they’ve been and can help them know that they are not alone.

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