Sharing – Depression doesn’t look alike for everyone – so why should the treatments for it?

I’ve often wondered this same thing myself, and have tried my hardest to help others understand it as well because so many get so discouraged when something that worked for someone they know or follow on social media didn’t work for them.

“A patient can be classified as having major depressive disorder, he explained, if they wake up early, have difficulty sleeping, eat little, lose weight and feel very sad. But another person can sleep a lot, wake up late in the morning, eat more than usual, gain weight and feel sad – and still be diagnosed with the same illness.

“Our thinking is that many of these psychiatric disorders have subsets of individuals that would respond particularly well to certain interventions,” he said. “The trick is just to find the intervention and to find the individuals.””

I hope we can start to understand this better and provide a wider variety of tools to help with the wide variety of ways that mental health issues can manifest in different people.

I also hope we can start to understand that there is no one “right” way to treat our mental health issues, no magic solution that everyone can just go and get.

Lastly, I also hope that we can understand that my symptoms are not your symptoms, and the way something like depression can appear for one person versus another doesn’t make one more or less severe. Depression, in whatever form, sucks. It hurts people on a daily basis and rather than trying to minimize their pain or compare to how much pain someone else might be in, we should simply recognize the pain they are in and find ways to help.

If we aren’t here to support each other and help anyone dealing with depression or any other struggle, than why are we even here?

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