Link – Why All Churches Should Address Mental Health

“The reality is that my life was infected with the burden of depression and anxiety, and the only places I could find reliable information from were not churches in my local area. Why? Because mental illness wasn’t really talked about. I felt as if all the “Christian” resources were outdated and really didn’t address the fact that taking medication was okay in the eyes of God. There really wasn’t much information at all. It was as if all the answers I was finding were suggesting that I just needed more faith. Seriously?”

Has it changed that much? For that matter, is the “solution” provided to many people all that different? Isn’t “Have more faith”, the religious equivalent to “just get over it”, or “your life isn’t that bad”. All of these completely miss the point of depression. You don’t snap yourself out of a disease.

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  1. Churches should have more education on depression and mental health issues. I have seen others and have been given very bad advice from church leaders. Very pat answers to complex problems. And shaming those who just couldnt move on and get over it.
    Their approach was …scriptural memorization, think happy thoughts, forgive, forget, get busy in serving….It was a sin issue, demon issue.
    You dont need a therapist or medication ever.

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