Link – Suffering out loud: More people coming out about mental illness to fight stigma

“Likened by some to the gay rights movement, with its beginnings in personal revelation, the groundswell to lift the stigma connected with mental illness has had a multiplying effect accelerated by social media. The more people who “come out” about their mental illness and are met with acceptance, the more others feel it’s safe to do the same.

Since the beginning of this year, millions have tweeted about their mental illness, many using established hashtags. For example, the campaigns #imnotashamed and #sicknotweak were tweeted 75,000 times and 139,000 times, respectively, since Jan. 1, according to an analysis from Twitter. The movement #BellLetsTalk, which began in Canada to “start breaking down the barriers associated with mental illness,” received 6.8 million tweets in January from all over the world.”

This is good, it’s so important for anyone dealing with mental health issues to know that they are not alone. But, it’s also important to understand what “coming out” may mean in terms of places where stigma still exists, including the workplace and within the family. I love when anyone feels strong enough to be honest and share their stories, but I don’t want anyone to feel pressured to do it before they are prepared to face that possibility.

It’s your health, and your story. You can choose how to tell it, or not.

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  1. I cant tell others, I grew up with the stigma mental illness is sinful, your weak, its your fault. Especially in christian circles… your not wanting to forgive and move on, its sin, its demons.

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