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Sharing – Sometimes just one conversation can really help

Adam’s comment about his relationship with his mother is excellent.

“My mum can always sense when I don’t feel myself. When I’m in a bad place she can see I’m acting differently, so she asks me how I am. It’s helpful when she starts the conversation with me, because it shows she’s not too busy to listen to me. Sometimes she wants to speak about my mental health but I’m not in the right place to speak about it, but I know I can talk to her later when I feel able to.”

He also adds later in the article below some tips for parents, but I want to talk about his comment above for one, obvious, reason. What it shows is an openness, and a willingness, to communicate about mental health and also a willingness to give every space to do it later if the timing is not right for you.

This openness is paramount. If you don’t have open communication about mental health in your own family, how are young people going to feel comfortable talking about it outside of the house? The example has to be set at home, and then carried out into society. That’s the only way we get anywhere with helping young people, or really, anyone.

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