Link – The stigma of mental health: it wants silence, but it needs attention

I think this is true, and I think this has become something that we can see online in a great many ways. Every time, for example, I tweet a link or share a story, I see those likes and retweets as people just wanting someone else to know.

“Every time I do a media interview or contribute to an article, people start contacting me out of the blue. They have stories to tell, they want to talk,” she says. “It’s almost like people haven’t had a voice and all of a sudden there’s a lightning rod and they want to talk about how it’s affected them, their families and their lives. All I do is listen.”

In the end, I want survivors and those of us dealing with mental health issues to be able to both get the help they need, and be able to tell their own story, in their own way. Whether that’s by writing it out publicly, sitting down with a friend and talking, or just simply reading someone else’s story and saying “me too”.

I see you. Even if I can’t do anything more than that due to distance or resources, I see you.


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