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Link – Support from people with lived experience reduces readmission to mental health crisis units

One, I think we could make the argument that any support would help reduce the numbers, but this particular type of support seems to do wonders:

“Care from peer support workers with lived experience of mental health conditions may help reduce the likelihood of readmission for people who have recently left acute mental health care, according to a randomised controlled trial of more than 400 people in England published in The Lancet.

The study found that fewer people who received this type of support were readmitted to acute care a year after the study began, compared to people who only received a workbook.”

This makes sense. Leaving a mental health crisis unit and trying to find your place in the outside world again is a difficult thing. Without support, I can’t imagine it would be anything but harder. Having someone who’s actually made that transition as part of your support could make a massive difference.

Let’s hope these findings help make this type of support more readily available.

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