Link – Why don’t Americans get regular mental health checkups? It’s complicated.

This is reality, but she asks a good question:

During my last annual physical, my mental health was addressed … to a degree. I was asked about my sleep habits, my relationship status and my alcohol intake. My appointment was with a doctor I’d never met, but I still I opened up about my ongoing fight with depression and anxiety. He was sympathetic, but slightly helpless, suggesting I see a therapist to discuss it. It all made me wonder, why aren’t psychological screenings part of our annual wellness checkups? After all, our brains are part of our bodies, and mental health issues can cause or contribute to serious physical diseases.

As the headline states, it’s complicated. The article lists a number of reasons why we don’t have regular mental health checkups, but given how much stress and anxiety can create physical health issues, not to mention a lack of productivity, I wonder why employers don’t make that part of the annual suggestions for people along with the health insurance plans?

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