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Link – How and When to Bring Up Your Struggle with Mental Illness

This is really a struggle for many, as is talking about being a survivor of child abuse, frankly. I’ve gotten somewhat comfortable talking about it in some situations, but even that took years, and there are still situations where I’m not comfortable at all.

Maybe some of Jonathan’s tips can help all of us be more open about it because it is important. In a relationship, it’s not something you can keep secret for too long, and even with friends, I think it’s good to be able to be open so that others who might be struggling know they have someone they can turn to.

In other environments? I don’t know. I know that I’ve wound up “telling” people about my history because they found my name on this site. Sometimes I’m grateful for that, other times it can be a little uncomfortable. In the end, though, I made the decision to be open about it, so I accept what that means, even if I might be uncomfortable at that very moment.

That might not be the same choice you would make. That’s OK, but there will always be relationships where it’s necessary, so maybe keep some tips in mind!

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