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Sharing – Depression: The Kindness Cure

This is an interesting thought exercise:

“The latest research has confirmed that there is something simple we can all do to boost our own mental health and spirits.

Though medication is often necessary to manage depression, recent studies have shown that for some people, simply being kind to others can be as or more effective.”

There has been a lot of discussion about the mental health epidemic we find ourselves in. Many lay the blame on technology and social media. Others on current events, the pandemic, and others on income inequality. Those things could certainly increase our collective levels of anxiety and depression.

What if all of those things contribute to a lack of kindness, though? What if we tried just being kinder to people? Multiple research studies show that acts of kindness help the person we are being kind to and increase our well-being much more than we anticipate. What if the thing that has changed has been that we’ve used all of these things to disconnect from people instead of connecting and being kind?

Let’s agree that politics, social media, racism, poverty, environmental disasters, and even a pandemic have caused some level of mental health harm to society, but let’s also consider that the underlying reason is that we have simply stopped being as kind as we used to be.

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