Sharing – Trauma, Fear & the Past

I really like the way Katie has tried to simplify what goes on in our brains, and how someone with a traumatic childhood may have some difficulty in how the brain processes threats.
Or, in her words:

“This is why when we encounter the everyday fuzz that either consciously or unconsciously reminds us of our traumatic past (smells, situations, sounds, etc.), we are extra responsive to the fear that comes through the fast pathway, while the slow pathway through the cortex may not be able to get messages to our amygdala to say, “Don’t worry, we are safe from the fuzz and you can put down the flame-thrower now.””

If you, or someone you know, seems to overreact to certain things that they perceive as a danger, you might do well to look into Katie’s article below, and the links to the research therein.

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