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Sharing – Survey: More Young People Are Depressed During the Pandemic. But They May Be Using Social Media to Cope

This is, a 1000% better option than what too many people use social media for, and it also turns the common narrative on its head.

““They are using technology to find other young people who are going through the same kinds of situations and get support from them, get advice, get inspiration,” Rideout said in an interview. “Especially during COVID, I think social media and other digital tools can be a lifeline for young people who are struggling with mental health issues.”


Forty-three percent of respondents said that using social media when stressed, depressed, or anxious made them feel better, compared with just 17 percent who said it made them feel worse. That gap has grown by 14 points since 2018.”

I’ve seen this possibility since 2001, when I started blogging. The possibility that someone, somewhere, dealing with mental health issues, or overcoming abuse, would hop online looking for someone, anyone, who understands that they are dealing with.

We’ve never had more ways to connect with each other, even during a pandemic. Why not use them, and why not be the person who connects others online?

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