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Sharing – Ending Mental Health Stigma Takes More Than Talking

I think Sam Dylan Finch nails it pretty well. This is, undoubtedly true.

While talking about mental health is a great starting place, more will be needed to truly better the lives of those with mental health conditions.

So what else is needed? How’s this list for starters? (Read the article linked below for more details)

  • Systemic change
  • Research and funding
  • Media interventions
  • Mental health literacy
  • Increased awareness

Obviously, talking about can lead to these other things. Not talking about it won’t get us anywhere. But we need to do more than talk, we need to figure out better ways to treat people who need it, and make it accessible. That doesn’t happen until all of society understands the importance of it, and is truly educated about it. So, keep talking, but also keep demanding better.


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