Link – It’s Time to See People Who Use Drugs and Alcohol as Trauma Survivors

I’d agree with this article. I’ve known a few people who’ve had addiction issues over the years, and I don’t know anyone who was perfectly emotionally healthy and then just started using and became addicted. That’s not the path of addiction. That describes quite a few people who maybe experimented during their college years and then quit, but that’s not addiction either. Drug and alcohol addiction is usually preceded by other struggles that the person is trying to escape from.

“The truth is, if someone is using drugs or alcohol, it’s likely the best coping mechanism they’ve got right now. For therapists, this is the power of the trauma-informed approach. We can begin to treat the trauma when we realize people are using as a coping mechanism, not because it’s fun or enjoyable.


Let’s face it. The general public sees addicts as bad people. But when addiction touches a loved one’s life—it suddenly becomes clear that addiction isn’t selective between good people and bad people. It impacts everyone. While tragically addiction is becoming more common, it’s also (thankfully!) becoming less stigmatized.”

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