Link – You Don’t Get a Childhood When You Grow Up in an Alcoholic Family

I think this pretty well describes it for me, but I also know the effects it had on me are different than they may be for other children of alcoholics. I see different effects within my own family even. I was the kid who felt the need to keep everything working. I didn’t like the unpredictability, so I did everything in my power to control it, and keep everything calm and good, to take care of everyone else so that there would not be any conflicts or problems.

Yeah, it’s no wonder I fell victim to being molested, how else was I to respond to someone being angry at me but to figure out how to prevent it? I did.

“Many adult children on alcoholics (ACOAs) feel like they never had a childhood. They don’t remember playing or having friends sleep over. They don’t remember feeling carefree and safe. Children in families impacted by alcoholism often describe their childhoods are confusing, unpredictable, chaotic, and fearful.”

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