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Sharing – These Maryland cops responded to mental health emergency exactly the right way

I often talk about encounters between police and someone in a mental health crisis ending in tragedy. So it was refreshing for me to see a situation handled differently, and effectively. I also felt like it might be refreshing to share it to you as well, to see what it could look like when someone with proper training responds to these calls.


Now, it we could just get this to be the norm, instead of something newsworthy, that’d be great. It’ll take lots more trained law enforcement officers, and alternative responses to mental health 911 calls, but it is possible.

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  1. That is encouraging,Child Abuse Survivor. In the past year or so, Corvallis PD officers have had special training to help them in their interactions with people with mental illness, and I wish that were happening everywhere.

  2. I am still traumatized from an interaction I had with police once. Glad to hear that other places are working at improving their interactions.

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