Sharing – Is Your Past Too Heavy to Haul Around?

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I think Edie’s description of some clients can apply to many child abuse survivors as well:

“In my therapy practice over the years, I have worked with clients who face such challenges. They tote around the bag of rocks that could have labels on them that read: “You’ll never be enough.” “You won’t succeed, so why bother?” “You can’t compete with your siblings.” “He or she is favored by others.” “You are always at fault in the eyes of others.” “You can never come out on top.””

It can be difficult to lose the baggage of childhood trauma, especially these kinds of messages. I believe that, for many of us, it’s actually easier to believe bad things about ourselves than to try and make sense of what happened. After all, isn’t that the easy explanation? It happened because of who we are?

Of course, the easiest explanation, in this case, is not the true one. If you’re feeling that way about yourself, and carrying around these “rocks” of messages, I recommend reading more about what she has to say below.

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