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National Psychotherapy Day: Telling Our Therapy Stories

Frankly, I had no idea this existed, let alone that it is today, Sept. 25th. But, I will say this aspect of it is a good idea.

““In a society where we still hear statements like ‘only crazy people go to therapy’ or ‘you need therapy!’ as an insult, it can be easy to think that psychotherapy is a strange and mysterious endeavor for other people,” Howes said.

However, when we hear personal stories from individuals of different backgrounds and circumstances—perhaps backgrounds and circumstances that mirror our own—we realize that therapy can be transformative for us, too.”

I spent a couple of years in therapy. I wouldn’t still be here writing this had I not. If someone wants to judge me, or ridicule me based on that, well at least I’m still here to be ridiculed. I’ll take that over the other option.

Plus, I really don’t care if someone wants to ridicule people for getting help when they need it. Their opinion is based on ignorance, not the real life stories of those of us who’ve been there. Anyone who has gone through this, or been involved with a loved one who has, wouldn’t believe that.That story would educate them to the reality of therapy. All of our stories can do that.

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