Link – Psychological Persuasion Techniques Used by Sexual Predators

This is an important reason to learn a little psychology.

“Recent documentaries and exposes have gone into great detail regarding the charges that have been leveled against these men. Many brave victims have spoken out against these men and their stories have shed light on some of the manipulation techniques which allowed these crimes to go on for so long. These techniques are based on psychological principles used every day to influence human behavior. These principles are even taught in business school to manipulate consumer behavior in an attempt to get people to spend more money.

Following are four psychological persuasion techniques that sexual predators use to exploit their victims:”

These things are taught in business school because they, generally, work. When you’re aware of them, you’ll recognize them immediately in advertisements, and on social media. That can keep you from being manipulated there. More importantly, you’ll recognize how these are preventing people in general from being aware of possible predators.

So go read the whole thing and learn.

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