Therapy – It’s Not Just The Last, Desperate, Option

Let’s face it, if I suggested to most people that they could benefit from some therapy, they would be insulted. Heck, it’s a widely used insult across society.

But what if I told you there are lots of ways that therapy could help you without you having to be diagnosed with a mental health issue, or heading to divorce?

Luckily, I don’t have to. because Margarita Tartakovsky already has laid out a number of reasons why therapy just might be beneficial for you.

Personally, I spent a lot of time in therapy because of child abuse and mental health struggles, so I’m more “typical” of what we think someone going to therapy looks like, but I’d recommend it for others based on reasons like this one, among the many she lays out:

Therapy can help you work on all kinds of goals and dreams—creating a specific plan, navigating potential internal and external obstacles, and bolstering your confidence and resilience. These goals and dreams might be anything from building a small business to becoming more self-compassionate to asserting yourself at work to cultivating a close relationship with your kids.

It’s not just about fixing a major issue. Sometimes, it just helps to have a professional work with you to develop skills and plan out your goals.

The sad thing is, if I said I was going to a therapist to help with goal setting and planning, I’d face a ton of stigma, and people would talk about me behind my back. If I said I hired some random person from the internet with no expertise at all to be my “life-coach”, nobody would even bat an eye*. What’s wrong with this picture?

*- before I get a lot of slack from the life coaching community, I’m not against someone who has some expertise, education, and experience offering career counseling, or even personal counseling services. I’m against someone with an Instagram account calling themselves an expert with no actual proof that they know anything. 

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