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Sharing – Veterans Who’ve Gotten Help Have the Power to Destigmatize Mental Health Care

This statement is true of all of us who have gotten mental health treatment, our stories can make a difference.

“One efficient and powerful way to overcome stigma is to elevate veterans’ voices in the national discussion. PTSD can be treated and managed because treatment and engagement absolutely work. Veterans who have successfully completed PTSD therapy can assist others by sharing their personal experiences of overcoming barriers and obtaining mental health assistance.

These veterans can be powerful agents of change and peer mentors to fellow veterans in need.”

Obviously, the focus of the story below is on military veterans, and if you are one, or know one, check it out. For those of us who are not, however, the quote above still holds true. Our stories can be part of the change that is necessary. If you are capable of telling yours, even to just the people around you day to day, you can make a difference.

You don’t know how many people who hear it may have their own story, or their own struggles, but haven’t been able to share it yet. share yours, and share others, for them.


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